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The Christian life is one which lives unreservedly for Jesus—it is the Decided Life. For many, the Christian faith means no more than just a traditional ritual which connects us to our families, our pasts and even to other people. It can certainly be that, but the life which is historically, biblically and truly Christian is one which impacts the entirety of one's being...[click for more]

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The Drama of the Gospel

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a drama. The God of the Universe has decided to enter onto the stage of human history by taking on flesh in the Lord Jeuss Christ.

Below are a series of insights into specific points of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This series is an effort to help believers understand the faith and the foundational truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These foundational truths are not only essential truths of the Bible which God has revealed to us, but they are also truths upon which the Church of Jesus Christ will grow.

I. Who is God and What is the Trinity?

II. Who is Jesus Christ and What is His Gospel?

Firstborn of Creation

God Made Flesh

Why Did Jesus Have to Die? [New!]

What Is the Significance of the Resurrection?

What Is The Ascension and Why Does It Matter?

The Coming King

III. Who is the Holy Spirit and What Does He Do?

The Personal Being, Not the Eternal 'It'

Our Helper to Glorify Christ

The Fruit of the Spirit

The Gifts of the Spirit

IV. What is the Church?

How Christ Came to Church

House of Prayer

Equipping the Saints

V. What is the Bible?

VI. How Do We Receive Forgiveness of Sins?

VII. What Is Our Future Hope?



Look, Encourage, Partake

Streams in the Desert

Going to Claim the Promised Blessings of the Lord



God Will Be There to Meet You

A Great and Humble God

Recovering the Beauty of the Church


Billy GrahamThe Hours of Decisions of Billy Graham


John BaptistJohn the Baptist And The Voices That Cry Out


Blog Posts

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A Tribute to Bob Blake and a New Blossom

Mission Report: Forgiveness and Redemption